This is a Process Recording Exercise. Patient’s response has been…

Question Answered step-by-step This is a Process Recording Exercise. Patient’s response has been… This is a Process Recording Exercise. Patient’s response has been provided to simulate exchange of communication typical of Delusional Disorder, with Manic Episodes. As a student nurse, provide and write your therapeutic response and identify the communication technique used, rationale, analysis, feelings and your interpretation of the interview Patient’s Name: NYCAge: 44 y.o.Gender: FemaleDiagnosis: Schizophrenia, Paranoid TypeObjective: (Identify three objectives of your NPI) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ VERBAL (and Non-Verbal)Therapeutic Communication Technique/s UsedRationale /Analysis /Feelings of NurseClinical Instructor’s RemarksPatientNurseORIENTATION PHASE (Date:         Time:      )  Patient is at the common hall seated on a mono-block chair, waiting for her student nurse as instructed by her Head Nurse “Kamusta po kayo? Ako po si ______, 3rd year nursing student po ng Arellano University. Ako po ang magiging student nurse mo, simula po ngayon hanggang April 25, tuwing Lunes, Martes at Miyerkules” (Paused for a while) “Kayo po, anong buong pangalan nyo?” Non-verbal – Maintains moderate eye contactOpen postureSmilingSeated In face-to-face position with the client   “Ako si NYC” Non- VerbalHead downNo eye contactSoft low voiceWith suspicious look towards the student nurse     “Wala akong ganang makipag usap” Non- VerbalLooked at multiple directions instead of the student nurseAppears uneasySoft low voice, almost unheardClosed body posture     “Parang ang daming laman ng isip ko, hindi ko naman maintindihan, ano bang nangyayari sa akin?” Non- VerbalNo eye contact, stillLooks towards another direction Appears disinterested and frowningHands together on his lap    “Wala naman talagang nag aalala sa akin, ikaw umalis ka na rin, di ka rin naman magtatagal gaya ng ibang studyante” Non- VerbalWith eye contact, this time, but looks agitatedClosed body postureHis back leans towards the chair     “Andito lang naman kayo para pagpraktisan kami diba?” Non- VerbalWith frowningAppears irritated     “Pagod na ako, tama na, balik na ako sa kwarto ko” Non- VerbalStood up and walks back to his room        Evaluation of Objectives: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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