Nursing Educator Ethical Case Study: A clinical group of nursing…

Question Answered step-by-step Nursing Educator Ethical Case Study: A clinical group of nursing… Nursing Educator Ethical Case Study:A clinical group of nursing students approach their nursing instructor about their observations on the behavior of a CNA. The observations reported are as follows:CNA takes prune juice out of hands of an elder resident and says “this will make you poop and I am not going to clean up your poop”CNA shoves an elderly resident back into the alarming wheelchair. A nursing student was standing right in front of the resident at the time.Other staff members were around and witnessed the actions of the CNA and no one said anything to the CNA.The students┬áreported their observations to their clinical instructor. The instructor shared the student observations with the nurse manager. The nurse manager called the students to the HR department and berated the students for not reporting their observations directly to her. What would you do if you were the nursing instructor? How would you have handled this situation if you were the nurse manager? What is the ethical dilemma? Apply specific principles of the ANA Code of Ethics in your answer.As a future┬áleader in nursing, what policy would you recommend that either a School of Nursing or a hospital organization develop to address these issues? Choose one of the change theories from Kearney-Nunnery Chapter 11 and describe how you would use that theory to bring about the policy change or culture change to the unit/school? Health Science Science Nursing NSG 330 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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