Discussion: The Post Office and the Garbage Collector Post…

Question Answered step-by-step Discussion: The Post Office and the Garbage Collector Post… Discussion: The Post Office and the Garbage CollectorPost Discussion: The Post Office and the Garbage CollectorThe Postal Service delivers items to our homes.  The garbage collector picks up trash from our homes and may recycle some of the materials.I love the above analogy from Dr. Brady because it is a most excellent way to describe the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Given what you now know about these critical body systems, discuss the symbiotic relationship between the Circulatory System (blood system) and the Lymphatic System. There has been a lot of talks recently about immunity, natural immunity, and herd immunity related to the COVID-19 vaccine. Do some research on immunity and the novel coronavirus (and its mutations) and explain your thoughts relative of understanding the physiology of both systems.This discussion has the potential to degenerate into a pro-vax versus anti-vax argument, which is not the intent of the question. I simply want to educate yourselves on how it all works and share your thoughts about it. Use and cite reputable sources in discussions.    Health Science Science Nursing NURSING HCA2300 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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