Maria a 21-year-old pregnant woman, gravida 2 para 1, 4,11″,…

Question Answered step-by-step Maria a 21-year-old pregnant woman, gravida 2 para 1, 4,11″,… Maria a 21-year-old pregnant woman, gravida 2 para 1, 4,11″, weighing 56 kg,   presented with hypertension and proteinuria at 20 weeks of gestation. She had a history of pre-eclampsia in her first pregnancy one year ago. During that pregnancy, at 39 weeks of gestation, she developed high blood pressure, proteinuria, and deranged liver function. She eventually delivered by emergency caesarean section following failed induction of labor. Blood pressure returned to normal post-partum and she received no further medical follow-up. Family history was remarkable for her mother’s diagnosis of hypertension in her fourth decade. Her father and five siblings, including a twin sister, were healthy. She did not smoke nor drink any alcohol. She was not taking any regular medications, health products, or herbs. At 20 weeks of gestation, blood pressure was found to be elevated at 145/100 mmHg during a routine antenatal clinic visit. Aside from a mild headache, she also experienced slight difficulty of breathing, with slight edema of both hands and feet, On physical examination, she was tachycardic with heart rate 100 beats per minute. Body mass index was 16.9 kg/m2 and she had no cushingoid features. Heart sounds were normal, and there were no signs suggestive of congestive heart failure. Radial-femoral pulses were congruent, and there were no audible renal bruits. Baseline laboratory investigations showed   renal and liver function with normal serum urate concentration. Random glucose was 3.8 mmol/l. Complete blood count revealed microcytic anemia with hemoglobin level 8.3 g/dl (normal range 11.5-14.3 g/dl) and a slightly raised platelet count of 446 × 109/l (normal range 140-380 × 109/l). Iron-deficient state was subsequently confirmed. Quantitation of urine protein indicated mild proteinuria with protein: creatinine ratio of 40.6 mg/mmol (normal range <30 mg/mmol in pregnancy). QuestionWith the information given to you pertaining to the Patient's case   above give  2 Priority NCP' including assessment ( subjective and objectve),  nanda diagnosis, planning ( short and long term goal) , intervention ( independent and collaborative), rationale and evaluation. Below is the example and also write it in a tabular form. Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 361 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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