CASE STUDY “Keeping our employees healthy is not only the right…

Question Answered step-by-step CASE STUDY “Keeping our employees healthy is not only the right… CASE STUDY”Keeping our employees healthy is not only the right thing to do, it is good for the bottom line. “With this statement and a directive from the chief nursing officer, Marie DeSantis, RN, PhD, the staff in the Office of Human Resources at Longwood Skilled Nursing Facility developed a “Let’s Get Healthy” initiative for its 500 employees. Weight Watchers, a smoking cessation program, and yoga classes were brought on site and offered free of charge to all employees. Nicotine patches were offered at 50% of cost, and gym memberships were provided at a significant reduction in price. The cafeteria began offering healthy, low-calorie meals, and a walking club was started to support staff who chose to exercise before and after work or during lunch hours. Staff who were willing to submit an individual health plan and agreed to participate in one or more of the facility’s available health programs were offered a 10% discount on their health insurance premiums. One year after the start of Let’s Get Healthy, the initiative is in trouble. Although it initially metwith a great deal of enthusiasm, staff compliance has declined. Attendance at Weight Watchers andsmoking cessation classes is episodic, and yoga classes were canceled because of lack of interest.Anecdotal information suggests that although the facility has renewed gym memberships forapproximately 20% of the staff, few are using them on a regular basis. Convinced that Let’s GetHealthy is a good idea, Longwood has hired a health educator to evaluate the program and makerecommendations for improvement. answer the following:Using one of the identified models and theories of adherence (health belief model, revisedhealth promotion model, self-efficacy theory, protection motivation theory, stages of changemodel, theory of reasoned action and theory of planned behavior, or therapeutic alliancemodel), provide a possible explanation for why the staff members at Longwood Skilled NursingFacility are not participating in the Let’s Get Healthy campaign. Which motivational strategies did the human resources staff use in the Let’s Get Healthyinitiative? Why do you think these strategies did not work? Do you think that if a health education campaign had been offered in conjunction with the Let’sGet Healthy program, the results would have been different?  Health Science Science Nursing BSN 101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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