Application to Organizational Behaviour Having a strong…

Question Application to Organizational Behaviour Having a strong… Application to Organizational Behaviour Having a strong understanding of your personality, values, and identity are key to success in both your professional and personal life. In this section I want you to self reflect and describe the following. 1. How do my results on the assessments fit into my current role or most recent job? Speak on the OB personality and values theory while connecting it to your role.  2. How do your values align with what you want in both your professional careers and personal lives? Ex: If you value money and status what impact will that have on your personal life? 3. Explain from an organizational behavior point of view the importance of individuals and teams understanding their personality and values and how it can be a competitive advantage. OB content that you can connect your test scores to include Personality, Values, Big 5 Personality, Motivation, Ethics, and your perceptions.  This section should be between 1-2 pages. Health Science Science Nursing HRES 1101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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