Nursing Care Kardex You should have also read the handoff nursing…

Question Answered step-by-step Nursing Care Kardex You should have also read the handoff nursing… Nursing Care KardexYou should have also read the handoff nursing report and reviewed Mr. M health history. In order to plan your care you need to check the Nursing Care Kardex to obtain additional information and the medical orders. Now click here for the nursing care Kardex for Mr. M.Name: Mr. MAge: 79Diagnosis: Urinary Tract Infection and UrosepsisVS q4hAmbulate with assistance prnI&O q8hIV Lactated Ringers 100 ml/hrBathroom privileges with assistanceDiet: soft as toleratedRoutine meds: Acetamenophen 500 mg tabs i po q4h for temperature greater than 38 degrees celcius; Ceftriaxone 1 g IVPB qAM as ordered  – Alternative FormatsIt is now 0730. As you enter his room you notice he is restless and seems disoriented. You are planning your initial care activities for Mr. M. Using the list below, think about how you would prioritize the five nursing interventions as you would do them to initially take care of Mr. M.INSERT A NUMBER BOX FOR THIS ACTIVITYAssess for call bell and bed safety featuresTake vital signsGather urinary output dataAssess mental statusPerform a body systmes physical assessmentNEED FEEDBACK/ANSWERS WITH RATIONALES – TO DOWNLOAD FROM PUBLISHER WEBSITEAs you provide morning care to Mr. M you note the following signs and symptoms:VS: T 38.5 C, P 98, R 22, BP 120/76, pulse oximetry 94%Fine crackles audible on auscultation in the bilateral lower lung fieldsCrackles audible throughout the bilateral lung fieldsHe is sleepy, lethargicHe is incontinent of a scant (small) amount of urineMr. M from the case scenario. Based on what you have learned this week about management of clients with renal and urolgic disorders answer the following questions:What else would you do in this situation with Mr. M?What other options or alternatives would you explore and why for Mr. M?What referrals might you make for Mr. M at this time?Who else on the interprofessional team would you involve in Mr. M’s care? Health Science Science Nursing NURS 1058 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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