Medical Terminology Sheet for Urinary Kidneys: nephr/o ren/o Renal…

QuestionAnswered step-by-stepMedical Terminology Sheet for Urinary Kidneys: nephr/o ren/o Renal…Medical Terminology Sheet for Urinary  Kidneys: nephr/o ren/o Renal pelvis: pyel/o Urine: -uria, urin/oUreters: ureter/o Urinary bladder: cyst/o, vesic/o Urethra: urethra/o  cele hernia tripsy  to crush ologist specialistchrome color ur urine osis abnormal conditiondia complete or through vagin vagina ostomy creating an openingdiur increasing the output of urine al pertaining to otomy surgical incisionectasis enlargement or stretching algia pain para besideenuresis involuntary discharge of urine an without pathy diseaseesis abnormal condition dys painful pexy surgical fixationglomerul glomeruli ectomy surgical removal plasty  surgical repairlith stone emia blood condition poly manylithiasis presence of stones epi over rrhea abnormal flowlysis separation gram record scopy visual examinationnephr kidney graphy process of recording supra abovepexy surgical fixation hydr water tic pertaining toptosis dropping down hypo below    py pus itis inflammation    rrhagia bleeding lysis setting free    stenosis abnormal narrowing noct night       Instructions: Define the following terms using their roots/suffixes, and prefixes. Create and define 10 additional terms. Submit to the Canvas Drop Box. Submissions must be handwritten. anuria cystalgia cystocele hemodialysis hypospadias lithotripsymeatotomy polyuria dysuria urethroplasty pyelitis nephritisnocturia oliguria urethritis cystoscopy enuresis cystitislithotomy diuretics diuresis polyuria hematuria urethrostenosis Term Prefix Root Suffix Definition                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Instructions: Create and define 10 additional terms using the prefixes, roots, and suffixes from this week’s list. Term Prefix Root Suffix Definition                                                                                            Health ScienceScienceNursingPATHOLOGY NSG120Share Question

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