I need help responding to this…… ” The most compelling topic…

Question Answered step-by-step I need help responding to this…… ” The most compelling topic… I need help responding to this……” The most compelling topic for me was interviewing a nurse leader. As a floor nurse, I hadn’t often thought of how they were often caught in the middle of management and the other bedside nurses. Trying to meet these demands can definitely bring on a different level of stress. Participating in the discussion boards is always the most enjoyable part of courses for me. Reading all the different perspectives of fellow classmates with different backgrounds and work history sheds light on things I may not have previously considered. They also give a new outlook on areas I may already be familiar with. Whatever course reading I didn’t understand was usually cleared up by the time I read through the discussion boards or did certain assignments. I think using other scholarly websites could’ve yielded me with a broader range of results in my research. I did enjoy learning about the different styles of leadership. Prior to this class it never dawned on me that there were official styles of leadership that were published. My ADN program had no real coursework on leadership; we shadowed a charge nurse at an SNF for like one day and that was it. If at some point in the future I go into administration, I believe the topics discussed in this course will prove invaluable in that capacity. I believe that even if I become a nurse leader on my current unit, I will be able to use the tools provided in this class as well”. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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