An example of a physical change would be A. Bread molding B. Two…

Question Answered step-by-step An example of a physical change would be A. Bread molding B. Two… An example of a physical change would be             A.  Bread molding                                B.  Two colorless solutions mixed turning dark blue            C.  A liquid hardening into a solid         D. Two colorless solutions mixed start to bubble An example of a chemical change would be             A.  Fruit ripening                                  B. Cutting a rose            C.  Making ice                                      D.  Mixing a blue and yellow solution and getting green Which measurement is the closest to the thickness of your pinkie? A. 1 mm                                              B.  1 cm            C.  4 cm                                               D.  1 m If you mix table salt and sand together, you will likely observe             A.  An explosion                                  B.  A phase change            C.  A chemical change                          D. No change Health Science Science Nursing CHEM 1020 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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