Lucy, a public health nurse in a mid-sized city, has been following…

Question Answered step-by-step Lucy, a public health nurse in a mid-sized city, has been following… Lucy, a public health nurse in a mid-sized city, has been following the Barnes family for two years. Eight-year-old Tanya and her 6-year-old brother Luke have asthma, and Lucy has been helping the family control asthma triggers at home. Tanya and Luke’s 51-year-old grandmother, Elsa Morris, is their guardian. The children’s mother is in the military and is now overseas. She sends e-mails with photos to the children almost daily. The children’s father, who never married their mother, has had no contact with the children for more than four years.At Lucy’s most recent home visit, Elsa tells Lucy that Tanya has been unable to sleep through the night. Lucy also learns that the children have “too many treats” between meals and after dinner. Mrs. Morris tries to get the children to go to bed around 8 p.m., but they like to watch television. Elsa says that she knows she needs to be stricter, but the children miss their mother and she wants to avoid upsetting them.Elsa’s husband has been unemployed for several months. Although he received a generous severance payment from his company, he has had to apply for unemployment. He is generous and caring to the children and to their mother. Elsa works part-time and only makes enough money to cover expenses. She tells Lucy that the cost of the children’s medications is “adding up.” She also wants to enroll the children in extracurricular activities, but they are “too expensive.”What three priorities for this family can you identify?What information about the family’s resources could help to offset their anxiety about Arlene’s change in housing?Who else should be included in any plans?    Health Science Science Nursing NRSG MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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