This assignment is worth 200marks and i scored 199 marks .I only…

Question Answered step-by-step This assignment is worth 200marks and i scored 199 marks .I only… This assignment is worth 200marks and i scored 199 marks .I only need to know why i never got 200/200In May 2014, David Berger wrote in The BMJ about his experience at a rural hospital in India that revealed to him widespread corruption that afflicts the health system. Reflecting on the practice of cash for referrals, Berger shared, “The country’s doctors and medical institutions live in an ‘unvirtuous circle’ of referral and kickback that poisons their integrity and destroys any chance of a trusting relationship with their patients. Given these practices, it is no surprise that investigations and procedures are abused as a means of milking patients.”Corruption is the very antithesis of patient centred care. Driven by greed, those in power divert crucial resources away from patients in need, which results in poor quality of care and worsening health outcomes. It is an international problem and no health system is free from it.In a linked editorial, The BMJ issued a call for a campaign against corruption in healthcare. We received an overwhelming response from doctors in India and across the world who concurred on the need to talk about the problem and tackle it together. The issue received widespread media coverage which led to substantial pressure on the government to commit to change. In a first, the then health minister of India acknowledged rampant corruption in medical regulatory bodies and vowed to take steps to improve transparency and bring to book doctors engaging in corrupt practices.More remains to be done. The BMJ campaign aims to draw attention to corrupt practices in health systems internationally and stimulate discussion on underlying causes. We aspire to awaken the global conscience of doctors and foster initiatives to push for change.You can read here our coverage of corruption in different domains of the healthcare system.avoid India’s scenario occurring here. The rate of testing for the coronavirus has dropped in “quite a few countries,” she said, and mentioned seeing data from one African nation in which the proportion of people not wearing face masks has risen to almost 80%.Only 43 million tests for the virus have been conducted across the African continent since the pandemic began, the Africa CDC chief said, with a 26% drop in new tests conducted in the past week.Nkengasong warned against travel bans, however, after Kenya this week announced it will suspend all passenger flights to and from India for two weeks starting midnight Saturday, while cargo flights continue.Q1 From the case study above is it true to conclude that Mr Paul was infected with Diptheria?Why was he jailed being that he was found sick by Dr.Kimpson SmithQ2Can pyramidal tract lesions present as false localizing signs in benignintracranial hypertension?Q3How often can increased intracranial hypertension be present withoutpapilloedema on examination?Q4Which is the most effective method of reducing raised intracranialpressure: mannitol, steroids or ventilation?Q5In the case of pseudotumour cerebri, if this is proved to be due to sagittalsinus thrombosis with no explanation for the thrombosis, should thepatient receive lifelong anticoagulation treatment?Q6Does digitalis help reduce cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) formation,specifically in the treatment of resistant benign intracranial hypertension?Q7Is it safe to combine hydrochlorothiazide, amiloride, acetazolamideand digitalis (125 μg per day) in a hypertensive patient with idiopathicintracranial hypertension (pseudotumour cerebri)?Q8What is the best indicator for monitoring the efficacy of treatment or theprogress of the disease in pseudotumor cerebri? Is it by the disappearanceof papilloedema, the relief of headache or by frequent visual fieldexamination or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pressure?Q9What is the definition of ‘bursting’ when describing a headache?Q101. What drugs, other than tricyclic antidepressants, can be used inprophylaxis for daily tension headache?2. Is propranolol an effective treatment?Q11Are maprotiline and imipramine as effective as amitriptyline in thetreatment of tension headache? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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