Powerpoint Presentation: Operations Management in Healthcare


Collect the knowledge you gathered in this course and prepare a 10+ slide PowerPoint presentation as if you were presenting to your workgroup. Make sure you touch on a topic from each week and describe what things you would like to immediately implement (See outline below). Your presentation should be APA formatted if outside research is cited and free from grammatical errors.

Gather your research from at least 2 sources, other than your textbook. Cite your sources using APA guidelines. All submitted work should be free of grammatical errors.

  1. Technology in Healthcare
    1. Explain 3 pros and 3 cons of new technology in today’s healthcare industry. Then elaborate how healthcare managers can be more instrumental in increasing profit levels overall.
  2. Capitation
    1. Explain inclusion and implementation of a new plan such as capitation and its effects on a company. Does it improve the organization? Explain why it is or is not a good decision to accept capitation health plans
  3. Supply Chain
    1. .Explain FIFO and LIFO and their pros and cons to a healthcare organization
  4. Credentialing
    1. .Outline and explain a minimum of 2 credentialing issues that can impact quality outcome and cause major damage to the reputation of an organization.
  5. Human Resource Management
    1. Compare and contrast FMLA and ERISA
  6. Government Regulations
    1. Explain how globalization of healthcare can impact the improvement and outcome of healthcare results and subsequently improve healthcare cost.

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