MGM255C Management Fundamentals Challenge Exam Course. Need grade to be 98% or better


Need the grade to be 98% or better **** need to Master the test*******

Assignment Details


There are 3 steps to complete this task.

Step 1: Determine Knowledge (Complete this step by Friday)

Have you completed your Determine Knowledge yet?

  • Click on the intellipath icon link on your classroom Home page.

  • A landing page will appear. Select the current unit.
  • If you are just starting a unit, you will find the Determine Knowledge link icon under the What to do first heading.

Step 2: Learning Path

  • After completing the Determine Knowledge, follow the instructions to begin working on your Learning Path.
  • Your path is personalized to you; it only includes lessons that will help you learn the material for the unit.
  • Make note of the color coding as you move through your Learning Path.

  • One tip as you work through your lessons:
    • To save your work in the system when you are finished with a lesson, you will click the Exit button and select Save for next time to save your work for the unit.

Step 3: Practice and Revision

  • Want to improve your score?
  • Try the Practice and Revise features.

To learn more about intellipath features, click here.

How do you make the most out of the intellipath experience?

Understand the following key system features for your best experience:

  • The personalized learning system is designed to adjust to your strengths and determine your areas of opportunity based on your Determine Knowledge. Completing the Determine Knowledge prior to working on your path allows the system to create your Learning Path. Do not forget to do this step at the beginning of each unit.

  • Select the Learn command when you are ready to begin an available lesson.

  • Lessons are where the learning occurs for each unit. Everything you need to know for the unit can be found in the lesson. The lessons are connected throughout the entire course. Working on one lesson influences learning on other lessons in the course. Learning is a continuum throughout the course, assessment is constant, and by revising lessons, you can continually improve.

  • Mastery level is a moment in time that describes your current knowledge level. Mastery level is real-time information and changes as you work in the system. Improving your mastery level for each unit should be your goal. Mastery level is one aspect of your score, but it is not the same as your score.

  • Progress indicates the amount of knowledge that you have covered based on the lessons assigned to you for each unit. Completing 100% of the lessons should be your goal for each unit.

  • There are three ways to use the Practice feature, as follows:
    1. Practice exercises can be assigned by your instructor.
    2. The system will assess how you are doing and assign practice activities.
    3. You select your practice activities. Choose Practice once you have completed the lesson and when you have a good understanding of the material but want to improve.

  • Choose Quick practice when you want to practice a completed lesson but you want a limited number of questions.

  • Choose Revise once you have completed the lesson and when you feel like you need to learn more on a topic; choosing the Revise button will begin a new lesson providing you an opportunity to improve your lesson mastery.

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