Question Answered step-by-step… the following questions regarding the following 2 theories: Utilitarianism (teleological theory) & Deontologya.    Define for Each   b.    Ideology for Each (basis behind the theory)     c.    Example for Each Match the following with the description regarding the nursing team/management patternsFunctional Nursing                               Clinical pathways usedCase Method                          Used in home health, public health and community mental health nursingTeam Nursing                                      Admitting nurse assumes responsibilityPrimary Nursing                                   Clients are group and care is provided togetherNurse Managed Care                           Robotic like, task orientated2. As a future health care professional, describe 3 ways to avoid a malpractice suit 3. Describe the different between professional malpractice and negligence  4.  True or False: The Nurse Practice Act is an example of Statutory Law. 5.    Healthy people 2020 is a national health promotion effort put out by the US government to move us to an optimal level of wellness. The goals are to improve the quality of life and life expectancy and reduce health disparities by improving community health services. Go out to the following link the home page select topics and objectives, then select one of the NEW topics and summarize 2-3 points about the topic as to why it is important. (please be sure to identify the topic)     Health Science Science Nursing NURS 2700 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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