You are a consultant hired to review the instructional staff at the local commun


Must be APA format.  meaning it needs an ABSTRACT,  CORRECT HEADING, CONCLUSION PROPER CITATIONS AND REFERENCES.  If you can’t do this then do not BID!!!  Know how to do L1, L2, L3, etc headers?    

Question:   You are a consultant hired to review the instructional staff at the local community college. You have collected data from learner surveys regarding the instructors’ performances. You have also collected data on the ratio of grades given by each instructor. You have gathered both quantitative and qualitative data.

Click here to see the data you collected.

Write a paper at least 5-6 pages (in APA manuscript format) in which you do the following:

  • Review the data, and identify the types of data as quantitative or qualitative.
  • Describe what the data indicate, and include the following:
    • Descriptive statistics of quantitative data
    • Trends identified in the analysis of qualitative data
  • Make recommendations for change based on the data analysis.
  • Make recommendations for additional data collection to have a clearer picture of the instructional staff. 

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