IST 7020 WU Features and Functions of Saas and NonSaas Solutions Research Paper


After a Lakewood IT management team meeting, they decided there is a need for even more information about the the IT service solutions you researched last week. The management team asked for more detail about the solutions you identified as the best selections. Revisit the solutions you selected in week 2’s paper in order to compare and contrast, at least five, features and functions in each solution. In addition, be sure to identify risks associated with implementing each recommended solution. Lastly, make sure to gather and include the capital costs and any on-going operational costs for the hardware/software associated with each solution.

The paper must not exceed 5 pages of content (the title page, abstract [if required], reference pages, figures/tables, and appendices are not content pages). In addition, the paper must use:

  • Times New Roman, 12 pt font/typeset
  • Double spaced lines
  • The APA Manual, 7th edition’s title page, header, margins, figure, table, and heading formatting
  • The APA Manual, 7th edition’s writing mechanic guidelines

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