Marine Superintendent Discussion


A report relating to the role and responsibilities of a Marine superintendent in modern shipping business, focussing on

the commercial market competition and stringent international legislation.

The Assignment: You are the Fleet Manager of a shipping company located in Melbourne Australia. Your company owns 8 Panamax tankers which are on time charter in the international market. Presently you have 2Marine Superintendents in the organisation who report to you and are responsible for the operation of the tankers. The company is looking for a major expansion in 2020 and expect to procure additional 4 tankers in the coming year. Additional vessels in the fleet

calls for recruitment of personnel, preferably with past experience in the operation and running of Panamax tankers. At a recent top management meeting a decision was made to initially recruit 2 Marine Superintendents, and the responsibility was assigned to you the Fleet Manager.

The task:

The HR Department will be looking forward to your advise i n the above crucial recruitment. Prepare a

detailed report defining the roles and responsibilities and specific qualities, you would like to see inyour future subordinates. You should bare in mind that the people recruited will need to take on additional responsibility, as the company expands in the future. The report should comprise the following components:

01.Suggested agenda. This component of the report is a suggested meeting agenda, a short list

of likely topics to be discussed with the HR Department.

02.Roles and responsibilities. This is the core of the report. Identify and discuss the critical roles

and responsibilities to be undertaken in the 2 positions.

03.Attributes. This component of the report identifies and discusses the key personal attributes

that you would like to see in the prospective applicants for the two position.

In preparing the report, justify your opinions.

at least 1500 words

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