HOMEPLUS: Riding The Korean Retailing Rollercoaster Analysis


The case presentation and case report should be structured as follows:

1. Introduction (You need to introduce the case and give a summary what the case is all about)

2. Problem Statement

(Define what you think the main problem(s) faced by the company)

3. Pertinent Facts & Assumptions (Provide the main facts/information that will support your analysis of the case. If the facts/information are not found in the case, then you can provide your own assumptions about the facts/information)

4. Analysis of the Alternative Solutions (You need to provide at least two alternative solutions that will overcome the problems you have identified in no. 2 above. Each alternative on its own should be able to overcome the problem).

5. Decision Choice (Choose the BEST among the alternative solutions you have suggested in no. 4 above)

6. Conclusion (Provide a conclusion to your case analysis).

Please note that the case report needs to be submitted to me in the class immediately before your case presentation on the day of your presentation.

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