the private and the public sector want to acquire goods, management homework help


Question 1 (1 point)

 Question 1 Unsaved

Both the private and the public sector want to acquire goods and services at reasonable prices.

Question 1 options:


Question 2 (1 point)

 Question 2 Unsaved

Acquisition, technology, and logistics, also referred to as AT&L, is the community that fulfills agency needs by adjusting to changes in current technology and spending taxpayer dollars wisely in accordance with policy.

Question 2 options:


Question 3 (1 point)

 Question 3 Unsaved

Contracting has always been formal, and the relationship between the government and the contractor has always been a formal one.

Question 3 options:


Question 4 (1 point)

 Question 4 Unsaved

Historic legislation such as the Securities and Securities Exchange acts (1933 and 1934, respectively) have little to no influence on how the government currently conducts business with the private sector.

Question 4 options:


Question 5 (1 point)

 Question 5 Unsaved

Socioeconomic regulations can determine how sources are selected for soliciting, and, as a contracting professional, you may be required to set aside a percentage of contracts for small businesses only.

Question 5 options:


Question 6 (1 point)

 Question 6 Unsaved

If you were a contracting officer assigned to a military base, you would not handle contracts for pens, computers, janitorial services, or IT services for the base.

Question 6 options:


Question 7 (1 point)

 Question 7 Unsaved

All of the items below represent aspects of the private sector EXCEPT __________.

Question 7 options:

the profit motive

competition as a motivating factor

the best interests of taxpayers


Question 8 (1 point)

 Question 8 Unsaved

All of the items below influence the acquisition environment EXCEPT __________.

Question 8 options:

the private sector

technological improvements

congressional acts


Question 9 (1 point)

 Question 9 Unsaved

The primary role of contracting professionals is to purchase __________.

Question 9 options:

the right stuff, at the right price

the right stuff, using smart business arrangements

all of the above


Question 10 (1 point)

 Question 10 Unsaved

All of the following are Department of Defense (DoD) organizations EXCEPT __________.

Question 10 options:

the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF)

the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)


Question 11 (1 point)

 Question 11 Unsaved

All of the following are potential acquisition team members EXCEPT the __________.

Question 11 options:

program manager

HR analyst

financial manager


Question 12 (1 point)

 Question 12 Unsaved

Effective team-building requires the following:

Question 12 options:

team member competency


all of the above


Question 13 (1 point)

 Question 13 Unsaved

The generic decision-making and problem-solving model contains the following steps:

Question 13 options:

problem definition, core categorizing, and implementation

a and d

problem definition, analysis, selection, and implementation


Question 14 (1 point)

 Question 14 Unsaved

In order to make good business decisions, you must be able to apply different problem-solving techniques, including __________.

Question 14 options:

cause and effect consideration

the “five-why” process and force field analysis

all of the above


Question 15 (1 point)

 Question 15 Unsaved

__________ are important to the spearheading of change in the contracting workforce.

Question 15 options:

Trust, effective communication, and sharing of information

Motivation and direction

Trust and attention to detail


Question 16 (1 point)

 Question 16 Unsaved

If you were a contracting officer working for a defense agency, you would have to follow not only the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), but the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS).

Question 16 options:


Question 17 (1 point)

 Question 17 Unsaved

According to FAR 1.102, “Participants in the acquisition process should work together as a team and should be empowered to make decisions within their areas of responsibility.”

Question 17 options:


Question 18 (1 point)

 Question 18 Unsaved

Effective communication skills are vital to your success as a team member, and they include facilitation, coaching, and feedback, but not listening.

Question 18 options:


Question 19 (1 point)

 Question 19 Unsaved

As you participate in acquisition teams, you will encounter various styles, personalities, and roles; it is important to know yourself in order to be an effective team member.

Question 19 options:


Question 20 (1 point)

 Question 20 Unsaved

Decision-making and problem-solving are intertwined and mutually supportive, and you cannot do one without the other.

Question 20 options:


Question 21 (1 point)

 Question 21 Unsaved

Two of the 11 principles for good leadership are to know oneself and seek self-improvement, and to be technically proficient.

Question 21 options:


Question 22 (1 point)

 Question 22 Unsaved

The Joint Ethics Regulation Ethical Values and Decision-Making Plan concerns itself with how people should behave and sets standards of conduct that rely primarily on __________.

Question 22 options:

the goals of decision-makers

the principles of honesty, integrity, and loyalty 

the principle of effective communication


Question 23 (1 point)

 Question 23 Unsaved

__________ is/are a strong indication of fraud, waste, and abuse.

Question 23 options:

Criminal behavior

Reporting errors/defective pricing

all of the above


Question 24 (1 point)

 Question 24 Unsaved

The preferred approach to meeting the needs of customers includes __________.

Question 24 options:


the purchase of non-developmental and government-unique items

both a and c


Question 25 (1 point)

 Question 25 Unsaved

Which are key motivations for doing business with the government as a contractor?

Question 25 options:

fulfillment of public policy objectives

assurance of fairness and openness in business transactions

both b and c


Question 26 (1 point)

 Question 26 Unsaved

Tools used to manage risk include schedule-based incentives, cost-based incentives, supply-chain incentives, and __________.

Question 26 options:

performance-based incentives

firm incentives



Question 27 (1 point)

 Question 27 Unsaved

The Joint Ethics Regulation (JER), which sets executive-branch standards that are objective, reasonable, and enforceable, applies only to military individuals assigned to a defense agency.

Question 27 options:


Question 28 (1 point)

 Question 28 Unsaved

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is the investigative arm of Congress and is often referred to as the “congressional watchdog.”

Question 28 options:


Question 29 (1 point)

 Question 29 Unsaved

The DoD inspector general (IG) serves as an independent official in the DoD, but does not fulfill auditing functions.

Question 29 options:


Question 30 (1 point)

 Question 30 Unsaved

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) items are items that are sold, leased, licensed, or offered for sale in the commercial marketplace, and that are also offered for sale to the government without modification.

Question 30 options:


Question 31 (1 point)

 Question 31 Unsaved

Competition in the commercial marketplace provides the government with various sources to consider; as a buyer, you must find the best value, taking into account not just price, but other considerations.

Question 31 options:


Question 32 (1 point)

 Question 32 Unsaved

If market research reveals that there are no COTS, modified, or nondevelopmental items, you cannot make the purchase, because you cannot buy government-unique items.

Question 32 options:


Question 33 (1 point)

 Question 33 Unsaved

A win-win outcome of a negotiation occurs when the government obtains the best value possible, but the result for the contractor is an unfair price.

Question 33 options:


Question 34 (1 point)

 Question 34 Unsaved

The acquisition environment is influenced by such competing factors as the marketplace, the political arena, and the cultural and financial environment.

Question 34 options:


Question 35 (1 point)

 Question 35 Unsaved

Sources of federal procurement law include __________.

Question 35 options:

statutes, executive orders, and regulations

state bills

both a and b


Question 36 (1 point)

 Question 36 Unsaved

All of the following are contract law issues that can arise during contract performance EXCEPT __________.

Question 36 options:


pre-award discussions

contract changes


Question 37 (1 point)

 Question 37 Unsaved

A contracting officer (CO) with actual authority can legally bind the government, and is tasked with ensuring that all necessary elements are included in the contract, including mutual assent, consideration, competency, lawful purpose, and certainty of terms, and in a form permitted by law.

Question 37 options:


Question 38 (1 point)

 Question 38 Unsaved

Common law, sovereign immunity, and civil versus criminal acts are the fundamental components of the legal process, and the Constitution is the foundation that defines the legal relationship of the federal government to state governments and individual citizens.

Question 38 options:


Question 39 (1 point)

 Question 39 Unsaved

FAR 33 defines a protest as a written agreement made by an interested party.

Question 39 options:


Question 40 (1 point)

 Question 40 Unsaved

Obligations are not legally binding commitments such as contract awards, made by federal agencies during a given period that will require outlays.

Question 40 options:


Question 41 (1 point)

 Question 41 Unsaved

Although the financial management community is made up of financial analysts, accountants, budget analysts, auditors, and payment specialists, the two most important individuals are the fund holders and the payment specialists, who provide and manage funding and ensure that contractors get paid on time.

Question 41 options:


Question 42 (1 point)

 Question 42 Unsaved

The following are all methods of procurement EXCEPT __________.

Question 42 options:

simplified acquisition procedures

contracting by negotiations 

sealed bidding


Question 43 (1 point)

 Question 43 Unsaved

In lieu of initiating a new contract, businesses can look to __________.

Question 43 options:

statutes and executive ordering agreements

indefinite-delivery contracts, agreements, a purchase card

both a and c


Question 44 (1 point)

 Question 44 Unsaved

The contracting process is broken into three phases: planning, execution, and assessment.

Question 44 options:

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