Rasmussen College Business Management Facebook Page Design



Prepare and evaluate the use of visuals to improve persuasive and marketing media communication


For this deliverable, you will come up with a hypothetical business that you create a business Facebook page and corresponding email template letterhead. You will then use Screencast-o-matic to present these marketing visuals and explain your design intention.

  • Create a Facebook page for your business. Include a cover photo, profile picture, and at least three posts that include visual images. You can use free stock images, just be sure that you are using images with a purpose that intentionally present the molded perception and message of the brand and the target audience it hopes to reach. Provide a description of the company in the “About” section. (This mock Facebook page can be deleted after you have inserted it into your Screencast-o-matic presentation.
  • Create a Letterhead that can be used for emails or actual letters. This should also be visually cohesive to the brand’s other visual imagery from their social media presence and designed to intentionally reach their target audience and create an intentional perception.
  • Create a Screencast-o-matic presentation to discuss these designs. Create a 3-4 minute (maximum) presentation that presents your Facebook page and letterhead. Explain the following in your presentation:
  • Who is the target audience for your business/brand? What types of visual images appeal to this target audience? Why?
  • How are the images presented intended to persuade the audience into accepting a specific perception of the brand?
  • How are the two pieces of visual communication (the Facebook page and the letterhead) cohesive in nature? Why is a visually cohesive presentation in all business communication important for a brand?

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