EDMG 230 Incident Command System


1 – In a paragraph, describe and explain the Incident Command System. Please APA cite and reference your sources.

2 – Name and describe the five functional areas of ICS and list their primary responsibilities. Please APA cite and reference your sources.

3 – Creating an Incident Action Plan (IAP) involves five phases. List the 5 phases of the planning process and briefly discuss each. Please APA cite and reference your sources.

4 – List at least 5 duties of the Incident Commander (IC) or the Unified Command (UC). Please APA cite and reference your sources.

5 – For the last question, you will set up an Incident Command System for a disaster that has struck the community of Edonton.


1. Complete the question on a Word document and upload the attachment (NOTE: You will not use the ICS Forms)

2. APA formatting is not necessary but you must use the Times New Roman 12 point font

3. Assign all needed areas of the ICS to control the incident

4. Define the roles and responsibilities for each area of the ICS

5. You will need a full command staff, and general staff as well as any other areas of the ICS that is needed for this incident

6. Make sure that your answer is organized in a way that is easy to understand.

This is a 30 point question so be very detailed but do not let this part of the exam overwhelm you. There is no minimum page requirement but you must fully develop the ICS.


At 10:05a.m. today, a tornado hit the community of Edenton. The downtown area was hardest hit. People have reported damage to homes, and businesses have been affected as well. No fatalities have been reported. Three people with injuries have been taken to the Edenton Community Hospital, which is also reporting some damage. As many as 10 people are missing. The downtown fire station is destroyed/inoperable. Two other fire stations are operational.


A large fire has broken out in downtown Water mains are cut. 10 percent of the population has sustained injuries. Utility lines are down. Animals in the zoo have escaped from their cages. Looters are rampaging downtown. Sewers have backed up, endangering public health. Many houses are destroyed/inhabitable and shelters will be needed. A hazardous spill has occurred. A major road has been affected

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