Diverse Workplaces


Consider what diversity means to you, and what it might mean to work in a diverse organization. Have you ever been in a group of friends, classmates, or colleagues who all shared different views, came from different backgrounds, and had a wealth of different personal experiences? How did being part of that group compare to interacting within a group with similar thoughts, experiences, and upbringings as yours? Diversity strengthens the bonds between people and increases their capacity (individually and collectively) to grow and achieve.

The global landscape is always changing and becoming more dynamic each day. Creating a work environment that is filled with people from different cultures or backgrounds and who have diverse ideas, thoughts, and experiences can bring forward new ideas, new ways of doing things, and new opportunities for greater success. A diverse environment can also bring new obstacles that must be overcome.

In this Discussion, you will examine a real company and how it approaches diversity. You will explore with your colleagues the benefits and challenges of a diverse and inclusive organization.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources. Focus on the leadership statement from the CEO of XYZ Corporation, Isabella Torres, and think about the points that Isabella emphasizes in her message.
  • Conduct some research to determine which employers are among the best places to work from a diversity perspective. New lists of the top companies are produced annually by sources such as the DiversityInc website and Black Enterprise, Forbes, and Fortune magazines, to name a few.
  • Consider the various ways in which an organization can be diverse.
  • Review the Academic Writing Expectations for 2000/3000-Level Courses, provided in this week’s Learning Resources.

By Day 3

Post a 150- to 225-word (2- to 3-paragraph) analysis of the benefits to an organization of having HR policies and practices related to diversity and inclusion. In your analysis, include the following:

  • How do diversity and inclusion benefit organizations (including the people who are part of them)? Provide at least one specific, real-world example from your research.
  • What are two to three specific examples of diversity initiatives you located from your research? For each example, focus on a different aspect of diversity.
  • If you were an HR leader at your own workplace (or some company with which you are familiar), what recommendations would you make to help the organization improve its diversity and/or inclusion efforts?
  • To support your response, be sure to reference at least one properly cited scholarly source.

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