Chapter 29, Research Report 29.1 – Transparency and collective learning


Chapter 29, Research Report 29.1 – Transparency and collective learning

The Bernstein (2012) article recent, so it may not be possible to find something more recent than this article. This is not important. The point of the exercise is to find another article dealing with observability of workers and collective learning effects.

To that end it may be helpful to:

  1. Use the library databases to search on “collective learning”, “observability of workers”, “transparency”, or “change” as well as the authors’ names to find related articles. The chapter may provide you with useful search terms as well. If you find the journal article itself in the library databases, note the associated subject terms for the article and use those to conduct your search. Given the difficulty that you may have in finding a direct match, if you find an article that deals with either observability of workers OR collective learning effects, that will be sufficient for this exercise.
  2. Use Research report 29.1 to generate search terms, as previously suggested. The narrative has useful phrases that can be used for a literature search.
  3. You do not want to merely summarize the article. You want to indicate whether the article you found is consistent or inconsistent with the Bernstein (2012) findings. Then you want to discuss what these results, as a whole (both articles together), mean to leaders and managers in terms of being able to consider the effects of collective learning and transparency on change efforts.

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