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could you follow the instructions and write not professional because English is my second language but do good please


You are the General Manager for the Elkhart Komets, a struggling AA baseball franchise. Playing in the old, poorly maintained Riverfront Stadium and stuck with a dull logo (a gold star with a silver tail), you need to make some decisions on how to increase revenues. Keep in mind that this is a minor league team, and you have no control over which players you can acquire.

*Use the Rational Model of decision making to determine your course of action.

1.Identify the REAL problem.

2.Identify the decision objective.

3.Gather all pertinent information.

4.Identify any hurdles.

5.Brainstorm for alternatives.

6.Narrow down the options.

7.Examine the pros and cons of each option.

8.Make the decision.

9.Evaluate the decision.

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