BADM 623 University of The Cumberlands Montreal Olympics Project Management PPT


Develop a revised project plan. Your project plan should be an IMPROVEMENT based on the LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE ACTUAL OLYMPICS (1976) AND USE MODERN DAY OLYMPIC DATA.

Mayor Jean Drapeau has given your group a fixed non-negotiable budget of $20 billion to build just the stadium at the same site (without the velodrom, village or the viaduct), and the stadium construction project must be completed within 2 years (i.e. August 2022).

Project deliverables – Your project should produce an improved WBS, network diagram, Gantt chart, budget, risk register with its corresponding mitigating strategies. Make additional assumptions as needed, such as outsourcing, etc. as well as consideration for current events such as the pandemic. Since the project is already approved, no pre-selection calculations such as NPV, IRR, etc. are required.

Need 25 slides with notes to go through the power point presentation ON HOW WOULD YOU BUILD THE STADIUM FOR OLYMPICS IN THE CURRENT SCENARIO.

Attached are the Journal on 1976 Olympics, the report and the presentation for 1976 Olympics. The ask is HOW WOULD YOU USE THE LESSONS LEARNT FROM THE MISTAKES MADE DURING 1976 and DO BETTER AS A PROJECT MANAGER.

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