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Refresh your memory on the issues in the K-12 sector
in general, as well as in the case of RSPS in particular, by reading the case
study again. Your next task is to identify three subsystems that are in need of
change in RSPS, as well as the people (human resources) you would “attract,
develop, and maintain” in order to effectively implement change.

Based on the RSPS case, you will choose one subsystem
to change and write a 1,250-1,500 word paper in which you address the following
questions that pertain to the major human resource management responsibilities
and to change management. Strengthen your recommendations by showing how your
proposed changes are working in another successful organization. In your
comparison, consider referring to successful private, charter, or public
schools in Arizona. A list of recommended websites and articles is provided at
the end of this document for use in conjunction with this assignment.

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