Need help writing a book review


Glass Castle: By
Jeannette Walls

Beautiful Struggle: By
Ta-Nehisi Coates

Adam: A True Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic : By
Martha Beck

Choose one of this list of three books to answer the flowing questions:

·  Summary of the book

What happened? Who was involved? Where and when
did the events depicted take place? Identify the individual, family, and group
memberships of the primary characters and social institutions that are involved
in the story.

·  Summary of the social issues presented

What are the individual, family, and larger
social issues/problems being faced by the primary characters and social
institutions depicted in the book? What put the primary characters at risk for
experiencing this social issue/problem? What historical, environmental, social,
economic, and cultural contexts are influencing the primary characters and
their experiences?

·  Analysis of the decision-making process and resolution

What steps in the decision-making process were
depicted by the primary characters? How did the characters engage with each
other and with other social institutions? Critique the need, access,
availability, and use of resources by the primary characters. What individual,
family, and community barriers and supports to resolution of the social problems
were depicted? Were the issues resolved? If so, how?

·  Critical reflection

Select one of the primary characters depicted in
this book; if given the opportunity, what could he or she have done

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