CSU Social and Economic Changes on The Funeral Home Industry Research Paper


OPTION #1: I am bullish on death.

Read the case, “Is death a dying business? Evaluating the impact of social and economic changes on the funeral home industry” (Sype, 2018). Provide a detailed overview of the case. Then follow the rational decision-making process. (See Exhibit 6.4 The Decision -Making Process, p. 174.) Fully describe each step. Describe the decision. Given the outcome, re-evaluate the decision and explain if heuristics and satisficing were used. How could the decision process and decision quality be improved?


Sype, G. E. (2018). Is Death a Dying Business? Evaluating the Impact of Social and Economic Changes on the Funeral Home Industry (Links to an external site.). SAGE Business Cases.

Requirements: Your submission should be 4-6-pages in length (not including title or reference pages) and be formatted according to the CSU Global Writing Center’s APA resources (Links to an external site.). Be sure to discuss and reference concepts taken from the course reading material and relevant research. You must include a minimum of four credible, academic or professional references including the text or other course materials if used as a resource. The CSU Global Library (Links to an external site.) is a good place to find these references.

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