MHA 5042 Capella Week 7 Coaching Sessions Trust and Rapport Reflection Paper



Review the coaching session between Mike and Joe in Chapters 7–10 of the Whitmore text and reflect on your own coaching sessions in weeks 2 and 4 before beginning this assignment.


Conduct a similar coaching session with a colleague, friend, or family member. The topic of the coaching session may be anything that your coachee would like to discuss. You may choose to record this session, with your coachee’s permission, so you can go back and critically analyze the entire conversation.

Respond to the following:

Explain how the coachee was selected.

  • Apply coaching strategies to establish trust and rapport.       
    • Discuss how you established trust and rapport with this individual.
  • Apply the steps of the GROW model to help the coachee create goals, assess reality, determine realistic options, and to establish will.      
    • Detail how you applied each step of the model during your coaching session.
    • Include some of the questions you asked in each step of the GROW model.
    • Identify any unexpected challenges with the process.
  • Analyze any challenges that you faced during the coaching session.       
    • How did you demonstrate a true interest in this person and seek to understand their point of view?
  • Compare and contrast your experiences as a coach with your experience as the coachee in weeks 2 and 4.       
    • What were the similarities and the differences?

Your paper should have 6–8 pages of content (excluding the cover page and reference section). Use the APA Manual (linked in the Resources). Since this paper is a personal reflection, it is acceptable to use first person for this assignment

Whitmore, J. (2009). Coaching for performance: Growing human potential and purpose: The principles and practice of coaching and leadership (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Nicholas Brealey. 

  • Chapter 6, “The Sequence of Questioning,” pages 53–57.
  • Chapter 7, “Goal Setting,” pages 58–66.
  • Chapter 8, “What Is Reality?” pages 67–78.
  • Chapter 9, “What Options Do You Have?” pages 79–84.
  • Chapter 10, “What Will You Do?” pages 85–92.

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