Maricopa Community Colleges Protocol Health & Medical Worksheet


Step 1: Read the Protocol

Key areas to review are the 1st page (read and take notes), Background (browse), Objectives (browse), Treatment Plan (read and take notes), Study Assessments (read and take notes) and the study schedule of events (read and take notes). You should browse any/all other content as you feel necessary.

Step 2: Review the 1572 form and reference the “Getting it right” document.

Step 3: Fill in Sections 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, and answer question 8 using the protocol.

Step 4: Select Curriculum Vitae for Question 2. For Question 5: use Advarra IRB (research their contact information).

Step 5: Date the document in section 10. Signature (section 11) should be left blank.

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