Cancer Treatment Discussion


According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 8 million people  worldwide die from cancer annually. Patients receiving chemotherapy are  not only at risk for severe complications, but there are also several  adverse effects they should be aware of when taking these medications.

What types of education should the patient or their caregivers receive when they are about to start their treatment?

Why is it so important that they be aware of these possible adverse effects?

  • As part of the pharmacy team, where can we fill in the gaps that a doctor may leave out?
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Kayle Walkowiak

Module 05 My Writing Process 

Brainstorming and writing out ideas has become the most helpful tool in how I write. It enables all the thoughts in my head to come to light. Even if I do not have many ideas to start, it starts a domino effect just to write a few things down and build on from there. It also creates a layout to go back to if I get stuck with trying to explain my ideas. It has also allowed me not to feel overwhelmed by an assignment.

For my persuasive paper in particular, it helped me be able to get all my thoughts out of my head that was important for me to say. From there, I was able to combine ideas into categories and paragraphs. I was then able to organize my paragraphs to gain momentum. Brainstorming definitely helped me create the foundation for my persuasive paper. 

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Rachel Malliet

Mod 5 

So far, I feel that knowing how to find a credible source has helped me a lot. Learning how to distinguish an article or study that is unbiased and factual versus one that may not have any merit. Also the bibliography assignment helped as I realized a lot of my sources gave similar information, and as that’s good for credibility, I didn’t realize how much I was missing. So laying everything out like that makes it easier to see what information I’m actually working with.

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