WU WK 2 The Stanford Prison Experiment in A Pressured Situation Reflection

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“Our sense of power is more vivid when we break a man’s spirit than when we win his heart” -Eric Hoffer, “The Passionate State of Mind”

For this journal you will reflect upon the infamous 1973 experiment by Philip Zimbardo, psychology professor at Stanford University. Before beginning this Reflective Journal, please watch the video and read the web site located in the Reflective Journal folder.

If you were the experimenter in charge, would you have done this study? Would you have terminated it earlier? Would you have conducted a follow-up study? Think about your own personality and the roles of prisoner and guard. If you had to choose a role to play in this experiment which one would you choose? Why? How did the Stanford prison experiment inform our current understanding of how to conduct ethical research? What are the IRB’s and what role and function do they have?
How do you think the Stanford Prison Experiment was able to bypass the standards of the IRB? In your reflective journal consider these questions and anything else you would like to add.


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