NSU Moral Injury Discussion


In the PowerPoint, we discussed the concept of “Moral Injury”. In this discussion, consider two situations, other than the one presented in the PowerPoint, in which a healthcare provider might be forced to make a decision that is against their moral beliefs, which could result in “Moral Injury”.

Include the following in your discussion:

  1. Describe, in detail, a healthcare situation (other than the example given in the Powerpoint) that may present a moral injury to the healthcare provider
  2. Describe, in detail, two possible concerns that the provider may have regarding the situation with which they are presented. In other words, what are the conflicting values or beliefs?
  3. Cite at least two sources that provide support for your suggestions using APA style.
  4. Respond to two classmates in a professional manner which enlarges the discussion and bring forward new ideas and thoughts.

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