HMGT 300 UMGC Week 1 Patient Experience Management Role Case Study


Patient Experience Management RoleCASE STUDY


You are part of a senior leadership group which operates a large Regional Health System in the United States.

Through a review of the literature, legislation, recent consumer research, and also speaking with colleagues, you have noticed that larger health systems are offering direct-to-consumer telehealth services through virtual care portals. These portals treat patients for urgent care type conditions and some offer a connection to local providers. Your competitor has just signed a contract to launch a new virtual portal called “Express Care”.  Because your facility does not have a virtual care option in place, many potential referrals (and revenue) are being routed to your competitor’s virtual care tool which uses providers who are located out-of-state.

NOTE: All assignments in this class are related to this case study. You select a job role within your group and your role does not change throughout the course.

Week 1 Assignment: Role Application to Selected Case Study

Instructions – Provide a 2 to 3 research page (How to write a research paper) paper that includes the following items:

1. A description of the role/position as you understand it, specifically

– The level of the management the position is on (please remember- none of the positions is about Chief Executive, Chief Financial or Chief Operations officers at hospitals or other HC organizations. Your roles are not performing at the senior executive level);

-Immediate supervisory and subordinate chains;

– The main skills that are necessary to be effective and efficient in this position.

2. An explanation as to how the role you have selected is vital to this particular case:

-Discuss two job-specific managerial points affecting your organizational performance from the position of the provider

For example,

Case: increased Tuberculosis incidence among the homeless population of Nsk.

Job: a financial/business officer.

Managerial issue: an inability to send payments to the vendors for the supplies due to the lack of funds.

Reason: a high number of rejected health care insurance claims or not insured population served; high supply utilization due to the contagious nature of the issue and requirements to its clinical management.

Organizational outcome: clinical services are lacking appropriate medicine and supplies>low patient satisfaction>people refuse to come to the clinic or follow the treaments> low service utilization>reduced clinic income.

Solution: The business officer seeks additional funding sources from government organizations and grant providers. The insurance claim process is reassessed and the insurance claim cycle optimization process is established.

3.  A description of how your role will interact with the other roles. What will the reporting structure look like? Who will you be working with and in what capacity?

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