Harvard University Mental Health in Papua New Guinea Presentation


The work will ONLY focus on the Independent State of Papua New Guinea (this is the assigned country for this project, so it should focus strictly on it).

Assignment BRIEF

The focus needs to lay on the critical assessment of the mental health care system in the country (Independent State of Papua New Guinea).

You need to answer the overarching question: “How does the country (Papua New Guinea) address the MENTAL HEALTH OF its citizens with the ‘highest attainable standard of health’ possible?” The information that will be provided should be recent supported by academic researchers

  • Points to look at include the prevalence and burden of mental cases in Papua New Guinea (PNG).
  • Mental health policies, plans and programmes in PNG.
  • How are the human resources for mental health services in PNG?
  • Some factors that influence mental health needs and services in Papau New Guinea.
  • How PNG is improving mental health in the county.
  • Other organizations aside from the government that support people with mental health issues in PNG.
  • This is a PowerPoint presentation of Two slides with an audio recording of 3minutes. You are expected to also provide the manuscript for the audio recording.
  • Pictures and illustrations are also welcome ideas to portray the point.
  • The PowerPoint slides should have a touch of colour and not just plan writeup although


N: B – The work should be referenced using Harvard referencing style. In-text citation on each point is compulsory (So each sentence must end with a different in text citation)

Slides – 2 Content ( 1 cover, 1 reference, 2 content slides). For each slide make sure you include at least 200 speaker notes ( which should NOT be a copy paste from the slide).

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